Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Side by side with reputable brands, Carpetland offers designers and their clients an unrivaled carpet tile to meet every possible design brief. From the traditional to the modern, Carpetland brings style back to the sensible practicality of modular carpet tiles with wide portfolio of carpet tile ranges, providing extensive choice of design, color, installation options and price points. We are known for our perfection and commitment and we deliver each of our projects, private or commercial with the same seriousness.

Eurogarden Collection

Twilight Collection

Waterfall Collection

Mundi Collection

Provence Collection

Victoria Collection

Toronto Collection

Thrive Collection

Strike Collection

Prismcrystal Collection

Spiral Collection

Spacewalk Collection

Sketch Collection

Season Collection

Ombre Collection

& Many more ..

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