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With years of experience and specialization in the field of wall to wall carpet, and with a group of world’s most known brands in carpet manufacturing, we guarantee a posh look for your workplace and your home. As leading flooring consultants, we offer a wide range of carpets to meet any design needs, demands and budget.

Carpetland supply custom and ready-made wall to wall carpets to hotels, residences and offices all over the world. The choices we provide and the time frame we take to complete our work is both praised and valued.


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Carrying on the rich tradition of quality carpet weaving craftsmanship, Carpetland offers the most versatile and flexible carpets to designers, architects and end-users with substantial advantages in aesthetics, performance and value compared to any other available flooring surfaces on the market.

Woven on looms that offer a unique flexibility in colors and design, each piece of pile yarn in a Carpetland’s Ax minster carpet is individually woven into place.With the manufacturing flexibility and versatility each custom carpet from Carpetland is distinct and truly an expression of our client’s own creativity.


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Our carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Side by side with reputable brands, Carpetland offers designers and their clients an unrivaled carpet tile to meet every possible design brief. From the traditional to the modern, Carpetland brings style back to the sensible practicality of modular carpet tiles with wide portfolio of carpet tile ranges, providing extensive choice of design, color, installation options and price points. We are known for our perfection and commitment and we deliver each of our projects, private or commercial with the same seriousness.


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Carpetland specializes in creating innovative and durable carpets according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Making a difference is what we excel in.

Pamper your guests with luxurious appearance and spell bound them with beautiful floor work. Let your event speak volumes about your taste and perception. We will leave no stone upturned to add glamour and extravagance to your name

With a long list of satisfied clients, and strong partnerships with the world’s most renowned brands in exhibition carpets, Carpetland has become a trusted name in the field of exhibitions and events in the region covering more than 2 million square feet of exhibition floors yearly.


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Our suppliers of Hand-tufted carpets are counted amongst the eminent names in industry worldwide,  and their productions are available in various designs and multiple color combinations as per the  clients’ diverse requirements.

We have built our reputation through hard work and commitment. We are a trusted name because of the  successful deliveries of our projects.


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Our high end protocol carpets and VIP runners add dignity and sophistication to any event or occasion.

There are three major reasons for one to pick the right protocol carpet for an event. Firstly, they work  as center of attraction. They display the true value of your event and also tell your costumers about your  taste. Secondly, they easily absorb dirt. Thirdly, people easily slip.

Our luxurious protocol carpets can transform the feel of the place, bestowing it with new meaning and  charisma altogether.


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Carpetland provides contemporary and innovative designs that are suitable for any design  of mosques and praying rooms. We are a leading brand and service provider when it comes  to mosque flooring and the main reason for this success is our service and commitment  towards our work.

Floor covering makes a strong statement and it is necessary that statement is unique and  refreshing. Be it the pattern, the color combination or the detailing, we have everything.


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Carpetland offers raised flooring products of exceptional standards. Our products have proved their  mettle as they also successfully meet the rigorous standards of quality that comply with the strictest  testing procedures.

To be a commanding leadership position across the region we work closely with some the world’s best  in this field who serve by consistently offering safe, innovative & environmental friendly products &  solutions through empowered employees leading to customers’ delight.

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